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Explore The Bars And Nightclub For A Dancing Nightlife In Austin, Texas

June 29, 2011

Are you ready to paint the town red? Let us check out the night clubs in Austin Texas and find the best entertainment in town. Put on your red lipstick and dancing shoes because the night clubs in Austin Texas are the hottest ever in terms of entertainment. Happy hour start at 5pm and continue until 8pm. You can enjoy appetizers, beers, cocktails and other drinks at very low prices. There are also bars and grilles where you can dine al fresco on the patio or the balcony. Alternatively, you can enjoy dining in style at some of the more upscale hotels and restaurants where the menu is perfect for your gustatory delights.

Whether you are in Austin Texas on business or leisure, the nightlife is as good as it gets. There are many bars with outdoor patio and live music bands that plays non-stop until the wee hours of the morning. There are also bars and grilles featuring country rock music offering special discounts on ladies nights complete with dancing and entertainment for every lady in town. You should not miss visiting some of the jazz bars and billiard halls that offers a huge American meal complete with steaks and ribs to fill up your stomach to the brim.

The fun does not stop there. After dinner, you can take a stroll through the street and end up in a karaoke bar and sing your heart out with friends. You can visit as many karaoke bars or other bars that offer country rock music. It does not matter if you are a little shy about singing off keys. Who cares? In Texas, it is okay to be different and weird. Texan people love eccentrics. It is in their blood. What matters is that you have a great time and a fantastic nightlife adventure. When you go back to your own state, you can tell everyone how you had a blast in Austin Texas.

If your feet are itching to dance, you will find more than you can handle in Austin. Texas has the hottest clubs featuring the best in dancing entertainment and you can scout the whole area for whatever type of dancing you want. You can choose from techno, hip hop, country or alternative dance club and you can burn a hole on the dance floor with your stiletto heels. You choose what mood of dancing you want and Austin Texas definitely has it all.

Once the dancing fever starts to ebb, you can take a breather and wind down at some of the famous outdoor lounge bar like Bar 96 or Bar Congress. Take a moment to sit down and enjoy listening to the music while sipping a glass of wine or champagne. The party is just starting to get hot and you would not want to miss out on the highlights of the evening. Take a breath of fresh air at the patio lounge and get back into the party scene. You still have billiard halls and Irish pubs to explore and 12 hours of nightlife is just not enough.

Nightlife In Austin Texas Is The Best Way To Spend Your Honeymoon

June 29, 2011

If you are looking for a place to spend your honeymoon, Austin Texas is the place to be. It has all the ingredients for a romantic getaway and you will surely have the most memorable honeymoon any couple could ever have. Austin Texas has everything you would want to visit and explore. Tourism is one of the main revenue generating industry for Texas and you will never find a better place to spend a few days of fun and excitement than here.

Austin Texas is renowned for its beauty and nightlife. During the day, you can take a self-guided tour along the streets of Texas and explore the museum and Art shows. You can spend the whole day poring through the exhibits of books, literary masterpiece or take a look at a copy of the Gutenberg Bible on display at the Harry Ransom Center. The Center also holds the finest cultural archives featuring records of the history and heritage of the state. The Austin’s Children Museum also features a hand-on activity for kids and adults alike. The children’s museum has arts and crafts for kids to play with and there are also local crafts and souvenirs that are on sale.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is a botanical museum featuring rare and native plants. This center is dedicated to the preservation of wild species of plants that are found all over Texas and other places. The plants are displayed in pots or in natural garden surroundings and you can take a romantic walk along the trail to appreciate some of the plants in their native setting. You can also buy some plant cuttings at very reasonable price and they have a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs and gifts to bring back home.

Towards the late afternoon when the sun begins to surrender its glow to the moonlight, you can watch the sunset at the park or take a look at the Moonlight Towers that is famous for its beautiful display of lights. Then off to the bar to get a cold glass of beer and chips in time for the happy hour. This is when the fun begins and Austin Texas has the best nightlife there is to offer. The food is a sumptuous feast for the most finicky of palate and the drinks are endless. Even on a tight budget, Austin Texas offers the best nighttime entertainment and you can have a wide list of music bars and restaurants to choose from.

You can choose from a long list of nightlife entertainment. There are casinos for those who want to try their luck in poker or the slot machine. Casinos also offer dinners and variety shows for those who want to make the most of their evening in one place. If you prefer a more quiet setting, there are also lounge bars and rooftop bars that offer live band music and a dance floor. Whether you are planning to spend a weekend or a whole week of fun and adventure, Come to Austin and savor the Texan brand of hospitality.

How To Enjoy Nightlife In Austin Texas Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

June 29, 2011

Nightlife can be costly especially when you do not watch what you order. I myself just fork over my last $300 at the No No Hair Removal launch party to mark the start of the summer season. No No’s parent company Radiancy are in town at the moment to promote their “Summer Splash” and I wasn’t expecting to spent my remain cash all in one evening; that said, it was a good night. Fortunately, I know of a few tricks on how to spend a great night in Austin Texas without spending all of your allowance or your savings. It will be quite a challenge but if you are determined enough, you will find that most bars offer great specials on certain days so if you keep a close tab on those nights when they offer big discounts, you can end up getting a margarita or a glass of wine for just a dollar or even free.

You do not have to carry a thick wad of cash every time you go out at night. You just need to be quick and alert for special offers and freebies. This is especially true among college students and backpackers who do the nightlife on a shoestring budget. One wonders at their amazing ability to pull this thing off but doing a thorough research of the different establishments around the area may just hold the answer.

  • Most bars cut their prices as low as 50% during happy hours when a lot of people come in for a drink after class or after leaving the office. So keep a close eye on special days when the place gives huge discounts to special groups such as ladies’ nights, bowling nights, football nights, and other such occasions. In some bars, they give happy hour prices for the whole evening to these groups.
  • Watch out for new food items on the menu. Some bars cut down on the price of new dishes as an introductory offer. Others even offer it for free when you order an appetizer or a drink. Some bars also offer pizzas, salads and other finger food free when you make a minimum order. It is always good to come in as a group because the bar or the restaurant usually offer group discounts to regular or favorite customers.
  • During special days such as Valentine’s, New Year, Christmas, and other similar happy occasions, some bars offer bottomless drinks at very low prices. In rare occasions, bars and restaurants have to clear out their inventories to give way to new stock and one way of getting rid of old, slow moving bottled drinks would be to offer a two-for-one special for the drinks and the appetizers.
  • In some bars, regular customers enjoy free drinks or huge discounts during birthdays and other similar occasions. Bar managers usually like to keep track of these occasions to maintain close ties with their customers.

It is great to take advantage of these offers and make the most of the occasion to enjoy nightlife in Austin Texas without breaking your piggy bank. All too often we lose track of how much we spend for a night on the town and the exercise becomes even more exciting and challenging when you realize that spending on nighttime habits can take a huge chunk out of your income or your savings.

Take A Look At What The Nightlife In Austin Texas Has To Offer During Your Short Visit

June 29, 2011

If you happen to make a whistle stop through Austin Texas at night and you only have a few hours to spare, what will you do? You would not want to miss out on the fun and excitement that nightlife in Austin Texas has to offer and there are so many things you can do to make those hours worthwhile and at the same time get a taste of Texan hospitality at its best.

  1. You can start your adventure by exploring downtown Austin and see the beautiful skyscrapers that are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. Austin Texas is enjoying a boom in constructions and a lot of buildings are worth seeing for their unique architectural features. In the evening when the buildings are lit, the different colors create an exquisite panorama of the landscape.
  2. If you are looking for a watering hole, walk over to Sixth streets and explore the music bars and restaurants frequented by college students and young professionals for some beer and chips. You will surely enjoy the music played by live bands and the happy noisy crowd that fill the place. This street is the foremost entertainment venue for college students, young professionals and middle aged executives.
  3. Better yet, you can try Fourth Street which is an upscale version of the Sixth Street. The drinks may be more expensive but the crowd is older and tamer. The place is classier and less crowded. There are many bars that offer dinner menu and mixed drinks.  You can easily grab a seat and enjoy a few sips in peace and quiet without being elbowed or pushed around by young rowdy people.
  4. As the evening grows, you will notice people starting to move to dining halls and classier bars for some steaks, ribs or heavier drinks. Most bars are open until the wee hours of the morning and you can grab a bite anywhere for just a few bucks. On ladies night, bars offer huge discounts and a lot of free drinks to the ladies.
  5. There are clubs and bars that offer entertainment such as comedians, magic shows or live bands. Most clubs have dance floors for those who enjoy dancing. Live bands are all over the place and you can hear different sounds from hip hop, rock and roll to pop. Some bars occasionally feature famous international music groups that play music from different genres. If you prefer a less rowdy crowd, you can sit on the balcony or the patio and enjoy your drink without anyone bothering you.
  6. If you want something completely different you can also check out the new hooked on phonics center which features crazy drink fueled spelling competitions with prizes at the end. I know this sounds a little wild but it is a lot of fun if you throw yourself into it.

Nightlife in Austin Texas can take many forms. You can choose to enjoy the evening in a simple way or dive into the exciting nightlife that the city has to offer. Food and drinks are reasonably price in general and you do not need to bust your wallet to have a great time in Austin. Texans are naturally friendly and hospitable. They are not shy to express themselves or being described as weird especially if they were one of the luck ones to get there hands on the recent luminess air freebies which were being handed out in the square last weekend! They like it that way and you will enjoy getting a peek at their culture and their way of life.

Looking At The Busy Nightlife In Austin Texas Through The Eyes Of A Visitor

June 29, 2011

When you think of Austin Texas, you think of cowboy boots, prairies and band music. But there is a part of Texas that you not discovered yet. You can never say you have been to Texas if you have not tasted the unique nightlife and enjoy live music band for which Austin is famous for. As soon as you walk out of the hotel, your eyes and ears are bombarded with different sights and sounds that is sure to titillate your senses. There are live band concerts everywhere and you can check out some of the places to catch a show and hear lively and exciting music.

The music culture is nothing like the ones you have ever seen or heard before. It is weird, wild, uninhibited and totally loud. If you really want to know everything there is about Texas, you have to immerse yourself in its culture. Just as the old saying goes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. It is the only way to get a real “feel” of the Texan art and culture and say that you have truly been to Texas. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes and get into the groove of Austin Texas’ exciting nightlife.

There is a lot to see in Texas. It is a city that never sleeps. Look up and prepare to be amazed at the skyscrapers dotting the skyline. There is a boom in skyscraper construction and each one is trying to out race the others in height and beauty. At night, you can take a stroll and look up at the historic Moonlight Tower as it bathes the city with a romantic glow. This tower was built in the 19th century and is now recognized as one of the important landmarks of Texas. At night, when the tower is lit, the artificial moonlight glow from the tower is magical and romantic.

If you are into arts and culture, Texas has a long list of amusement parks, concert venues, cinemas and casinos where you can while away the hours until sunrise. When you hear live music playing at every corner, you know you are in the live music capital of the world. They have everything from hip hop to urban music that really hits the soul. Anywhere you go there is always something playing and everybody is deep into the beat and rhythm of Texas music scene.

It is alright to be weird and eccentric in Texas, after all, that is exactly their motto. Everyone seems to agree and the motto is reflected in every bumper sticker, t-shirts, umbrellas, billboards and even baby’s bibs. It is truly fun to get rid of inhibition and just get on with what you want to do. You can explore every corner of the city by yourself or hire a tour guide to take you around. Whichever way you choose to do it, there are a lot of favorite places and hang outs where you can just let your hair down and enjoy.